Essex County Property Tax Appeal

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Filing a Property Tax Appeal

After reviewing the assessment on your property in comparison to recent real estate sales in your area, we will tell you how much the tax assessor is valuing your property at (which is not always clear from your assessment) and advise you about whether we believe an appeal is likely to be successful in lowering your taxes. 

If, on the basis of your free consultation, you would like to move forward with a property tax appeal, you may sign a short letter engaging Elie Fink as your attorney and laying out our respective rights and responsibilities.  After that, the only things you have to do are to make your house available to an appraiser or a representative of the Tax Assessor’s office and to decide whether to accept a settlement offer if there is one. 

You do not have to file any papers. 

You do not have to appear at a hearing or trial.

You do need to have some basic information about your property. To learn what you need for your free consultation, click  here.

For more information about filing a New Jersey property tax appeal, see: Lower Your Property Tax Bill - A New Year's Resolution You Can Keep  by Elie Fink.