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Property tax appeal in Essex County NJ

Reduce your property taxes

If you are frustrated by the fact that the value of your home seems to be going down while your property taxes are increasing, you may be able to lower your tax bill through a property tax appeal.

Whether you live in the Caldwell, the Oranges, Millburn, Newark, Livingston, Verona or anywhere else in Essex County, the Law Offices of Elie Fink can manage your property tax appeal.

Lower your assessment to reduce your property tax

In New Jersey, property taxes are calculated on the basis of what your property is worth, as determined by the town tax assessor. If you lower your assessment through a successful property tax appeal, your taxes will be reduced proportionately.

Is your home a good candidate for property tax appeal?

  • Before filing an appeal, the Law Offices of Elie Fink will review your property’s assessment in comparison with real estate sales in your area.  This consultation is provided free of charge.
  • In addition, you will not pay any attorney’s fees unless your property taxes are lowered.

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